Fourth Batch Restock! – October 2021

The fourth batch of roughly ~50 boards will be restocked at 12:00PM EST October 29th 2021! We’ve had everything in place for a much larger batch to be ready for almost two months now, but all of that has been held up by a singular slow USPS package. However, this should be figured out within the next few weeks which will hopefully (finally) lead to a much smaller gap in-between restocks assuming everything else goes smoothly. We’re still working on finishing up this batch, so while the first orders may ship next week, the rest may take another week or so. I’ve been mentioning an October restock for a while, so I didn’t want to completely miss that deadline.

Changelog from 1.0.19 to 1.0.20

  • Switched voltage regulator back to the original XC6206 as the previous one was unnecessary
  • Changed MCU footprint footprint to work better for pick-and-place assembly (this makes it less suitable for DIY assembly – the recommend DIY version is v1.0.18)
  • Added the GD32F103C8T6 into the pool of potential MCUs that may be installed on the EcoSteno to better deal with chip shortages (it has half the storage size which is still plenty for QMK, but is otherwise identical). All EcoStenos in this batch should have one

None of these changes should be visible to the end user. Any previously noticed bugs should be fixed and all 1.0.20 boards will be shipping with Gemini PR as the serial protocol, though this can be changed by reflashing the board (instructions here).


    • Hey Callum,

      It looks like the last one sold out after ~6 hours this time, which is much longer than it’s taken before. Once we’ve finished shipping this batch over the next week or two, we’re planning on rounding up all the extra boards we’ve kept on hand from previous batches and adding them to the inventory, and once those are shipped, we should have another batch arriving.


  1. How long will it be before a new batch come out, and is there any way to pre-order? The website says that there might be some before the end of the month and that date is ever-looming. Also, is there a way to see what the prices will be post taxes and shipping costs?

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