Introducing the Multisteno and Case!

We’ve been working on this new pair of products for the past few months and after weeks of delays, they’re finally here! The Multisteno is our new steno keyboard that adds enough switches to saturate the Gemini PR protocol, allowing it to work with most steno theories (especially some non-English ones that require more keys). Meanwhile, the case is custom-designed to fit both the Ecosteno and Multisteno perfectly (and any other devices that are 4x10x0.9 inches) and protect them from all sides for shipping/travelling while also having a little space for cables and other accessories. We have about 300 units (which is more than we’ve ever had on hand before) of each that we should be able to get out the door within a few days of each order aside from a few hiccups (I’ll unfortunately be out of town for most of the next two weeks, but I’m hoping to get all orders made by Sunday/Monday out by Tuesday/Wednesday). After then, shipments should start start going out again July 25th.


We wanted to make the Multisteno a refined and upgraded version of the Ecosteno in every way (without drastically changing the design), and have increased the quality and quality control on just about everything. We’ve moved our PCB production and assembly to the highest quality line at our manufacturer and secured custom packaging for our keycaps to prevent any scratching throughout shipment. To keep the final Multisteno protected, we ship it in its custom travel case along with all the cables needed to plug it in to any computer with a USB-A or USB-C port.

Keyswitch change

Kailh has recently notified us that their future 20gf linear choc switches will be branded as Pro Pink switches, and as such we are transitioning to this new color scheme. Mechanically they are identical to the stock gChoc switches we’ve used in earlier versions of our keyboards – the only difference is their color.

Future releases

The next release should be within a few months and will likely have a combination of Ecostenos and Multistenos.
Regarding the shipping of this batch, we’re using new box sizes and envelopes for the cases so international shipping rates may jump around a little bit. DHL was initially reliable with their rates, but they’ve been climbing surprisingly rapidly (although speeds remain consistent). If any of your shipping rates looks off, send us an email and we can double check them.

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