Production Prototypes in the Works!

The EcoSteno is nearly ready for release! The production prototypes, also known as v0.16, have been ordered and are expected to arrive in a week or so.

Quite a few things have been changed and improved since the previous ordered prototype, v0.12. Here is a partial changelist:

  • Programming header has been removed and incorporated into USB-C side bands.
  • Indicator LEDs are now active-high instead of active-low.
  • Reset button added near USB-C connector
  • Space made for observation hole for camera mounting hardware
  • Many micro-optimizations to layout and more!

One impact of these changes is that the removal of the programming header and the change in LED polarity allows for 5V and 3.3V routing to only exist on the underside of the board, thus increasing safety and spill resistance. When the LEDs are powered, the powered pads are still exposed – this is unavoidable. However, they are protected via 5.1kOhm resistors so that even in the event of a short-circuit, no more than 0.65mA of current is provided per pin.

Here are the current features of the EcoSteno, as of v0.16:

  • 4×10″ size, ~22mm height (<1″) A
  • USB-C port for connectivity
  • Kailh gChoc switches – linear 20gf actuation
  • 32 buttons with a 4-segment number bar. (Split S- and quad-*)
  • Supports TX-Bolt serial protocol
  • 1/8″ aluminum backplate with 1/4-20 camera mount B and rubber feet
  • Powered by QMK running on STM32F103C8T6
  • Reset button near USB-C port for easy end-user reprogramming over USB
  • Lead-free construction

A: Due to how the backplates are manufactured, the length of the backplate may be slightly longer than 10″ (by no more than 1/8″).
B: The camera mount allows the keyboard to fit onto most tripods that have a platform smaller than 3″. You may run into issues if you’re using a professional video-style tripod that has a much longer platform as there are nuts on the underside of the backplate.

3D Preview of Production Prototype v0.16

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