Progress Update – March 11, 2021

Production Prototype v0.16 have arrived and are in the works!

Blank v0.16 Production Prototypes

Our current checklist of things to do:

  • Cut up a USB-C cable to create a special programming cable – Done!
  • Finish firmware – In progress
  • Program the production prototypes & preliminary test – In progress
  • Solder switches & final testing – In progress
  • Hardware assembly (backplate) – In progress

Full-featured USB-C cables contain two sideband wires that are left for manufacturers and end users to use if they so choose. We are using those wires to program the onboard MCU’s initial bootloader to save on having a programming header which would appear as plated holes on the PCB, which would expose a +5V line.

After assembly and final testing, we’ll be ready to start ordering boards for our very first production batch!

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