September Ecosteno Restock!

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1

While the size and key layout is exactly the same, the locations of the screw holes has moved closer to the edges – this was done to share the backplates between the Multisteno and Ecosteno. There are also firmware changes, as the PCB wiring layout has also been modified (different pins used for rows/columns). This means you will need to use v1.1.x firmware for the v1.1.x Ecostenos. Older firmware will still be available for v1.0.x Ecostenos.
Additionally, we’ve changed our keyswitches to Kailh Pro Pinks. They’re identical to our previous 20gf linear choc switches, with the only difference being the color.


While US shipping should be the same, we’re still trying out different shipping methods for international customers. While DHL never fails to deliver, USPS can sometimes come in at half price, though with less than half the speed and reliability (although we’ve yet to fully lose a USPS package). If you’re okay with the tradeoff, send us an email and we can let you know which options your specific area has.

Ecosteno v1.1.22

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